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Bio -

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, I discovered a love of photography at a young age - experimenting with film and exploring Utah's exquisite landscapes with a 1970's Olympus SLR passed down from my dad.


From there I ventured to Portland, Oregon where I assisted in many of the city's top photo studios and really developed my technical knowledge working with talented crews on commercial productions for Nike, Brooks, Columbia, and more

After working as a house photographer at a social media agency in Portland for a year, I moved to Los Angeles in 2017 where I freelanced on every project I could fit into my schedule. My creative collaborations ranged from athletes, musicians and touring bands, short films, visual artists, and local businesses, all while being a first-call assistant for photographers including Ruven Afanador, Michael Grecco, and Stan Evans

Dedicated, hardworking and passionate about everything I do, I throw myself wholeheartedly at whatever is in front of me. Working with other creative and inspiring people is what brings me the most fulfillment in my journey. 

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